Go Paperless & Increase Efficiency with Document Management

Document Management, Chicago

As a business owner, you know that excellence in all areas is key when it comes to being noticed. One of the best ways for small to medium businesses to gain a distinct advantage over the competition is through a document management system. Let's consider five basic ways your company can use a document management system to gain a competitive edge in today's challenging marketplace.

Gain faster access to data.

Documents stored electronically can be accessed much more quickly than those in old paper filing systems. Simple keyword searches means files are located in a matter of seconds. No more lengthy searches through bulky filing cabinets. Archiving, searching, and managing files has never been more efficient. Clear audit trails and versioning ensure the document you access includes the most recent updates.

Eliminate paper at its source.

Taking proactive steps to eliminate paper when creating documents saves time and money and reduces errors. Documents created electronically can be automatically indexed in your document management system's central repository. They'll be available immediately to those who need them. Dealing with business partners electronically means they'll respond in kind, resulting in a drastic reduction to incoming paper communications.

Ensure compliance.

Comply with government acts and regulations like Sarbarnes-Oxley and HIPPA. A document management system ensures your information is orderly, compliant, and complete, taking the headaches and uncertainty out of audits.

Enhance security.

Paper files are hardly secure. They're vulnerable to unauthorized access, theft, and loss through error and natural disaster. With a document management system, your files are backed up and secure, reducing concerns about information loss and errors, along with the resulting penalties and liability.

Improve customer service.

One of the surest ways to improve customer satisfaction is to decrease wait times. Paper filing systems are inherently time consuming. A customer who receives a satisfactory resolution to an issue within minutes, or even seconds, is a customer who'll be coming back for repeat business. A document management system means your customer's information is literally at your fingertips.

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