Have You Tested Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

Has it been a while since your company updated its disaster recovery plan? (Don't stop reading if you don't have one in place; there's something here for you, too.)

Business continuity and disaster recovery strategies are never a one-and-done process, and regular testing should be a part of the process. Here's how to make sure your Chicago company is prepared.


Drawing up your disaster recovery plan is obviously the first step in the process. Most plans involve a detailed strategy that includes an emergency contact strategy, a predetermined location to meet if your offices are inaccessible, a method for contacting your customers, and remote access to your critical documents.

A Chicago IT Services provider can be an invaluable partner when drawing up your disaster recovery plan. They'll provide backup services so that your team can access your data and core business documents from any location with internet access. With a data backup and disaster recovery plan from a Chicago IT services provider, you'll have a much better chance of continuing operations following a catastrophic event of any kind.


Your disaster recovery plan should be tested on a regular basis, so everyone knows what's expected. You may find that not every employee understands their role, and it's during these testing scenarios that you'll discover any holes in your plan. Ask questions like:

  • Were you able to contact each other?
  • Did everyone show up at the appointed meeting place?
  • Could you access your documents and customer contact information?


Following your testing period, you'll have a good idea how well your recovery plan is likely to play out following a disaster. Your Chicago IT Solutions provider can help you address any issues uncovered during the testing process.

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