How to Avoid Becoming the Next Ransomware Victim

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Not so long ago, we had never heard of the term "Ransomware". Now it strikes fear into the heart of every business owner and leader—or at least it should.

By encrypting files and holding them hostage, ransomware attackers demand large sums of money in exchange for shaky promises of unlocking your data.

What to Do if Your Data is Attacked

If your Chicago company falls victim to a ransomware attack, there are immediate steps you can take to avoid further damage.

1. Unplug everything. If a ransomware threat shows up on computer or mobile device screen, it's crucial to begin mitigating the damage immediately. Shutdown every device and unplug everything on your network. Suspend Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. If you're fast enough, you may prevent the virus from infecting every device on your network.

2. Backup everything now. The only real victims in the WannaCry ransomware attack were those who failed to back up their data. With everything backed up in off-site cloud storage repositories, the threats of WannaCry hackers rang hollow.

3. Update your systems. Missed updates leave your devices vulnerable to hackers. Take the time to perform system updates as soon as possible.

4. Train your staff. Email scams and malicious ads give criminals an open door to your network and your information, and not everyone is good at recognizing a phishing scheme. Invest in training and repeat the process often.

5. Partner with a professional IT services provider. You've got a business to operate, and keeping on top of system updates and potential threats is a full-time job. By securing the help of a Chicago-area IT services provider, you can finally stop worrying and start growing.

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