How to Avoid Toner Scammers

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Back in the early day of the internet, people weren't sure how to spot scams. Scammers had a fresh batch of individuals to prey on regularly as more people brought computers into their homes and started using email. Today, though, we're more aware; we're more educated on what it means to keep ourselves and our information safe on the web.

But did you know there are scammers out there that don't work exclusively on the internet, and they could be taking advantage of your company? They're toner scammers, and they could target your company at any time they wanted to.

How to Avoid Toner Scams

Toner scammers have been around for years, but recently there has been a resurgence in occurrence. Here's how it works: a phony company will call your business and often ask to speak with someone in charge of ordering supplies. With high-pressure sales tactics and shady dealing, they'll force one of your employees to purchase overpriced supplies and likely charge you for supplies you never purchased in the first place.

This shady business scheme has become lucrative for many reasons. First, every company these days needs replacement toner and ink on a regular basis. Second, too many companies don't have regular ordering systems in place to protect them against such scams. Here's how you can protect your company against toner scammers.

  • Work with only trusted companies: You shouldn't be working with a myriad of different companies; that's not good business sense. If a "company" calls offering you a competitive price, do your research before committing. This is often how a scammer hooks a business and preys on employees.
  • Have an ordering process: One person should be in charge of ordering, and they should know who you work with and how much it should cost month-to-month to order supplies.
  • Consider managed print services: When you choose managed print services, your supply ordering is streamlined and automated, meaning you'll never fall prey to a scam.

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