How Much Do Lost Documents Really Cost?

We have all been there. You are searching for a document that has been filed incorrectly and it is nowhere to be found. The best case scenario is that you find the document as it was simply misfiled. In many cases however the file is nowhere to be found and you do not have a digital backup, which means that you must spend time recreating the document you need to continue working. Here are some shocking statistics that you won’t believe in regards to the reproduction of lost documents:

  • It can cost up to $20 simply to file a document once it has been created.
  • Lost documents can take up to twenty-five hours to recreate, and oftentimes are missing key information that was included in the original document.
  • Documents are copied on average nineteen times throughout their lifetime.
  • Businesses lose on average one out of every twenty document’s.

These statistics are shocking and reflect the average business today. Don’t let lost or misfiled documents cost! Digital document management solutions from Proven Business Systems allow you to easily store, edit, and retrieve documents when you need them. Contact us today to learn more!