How To Remove Sensitive Information From A Copier Safely

There’s a lot of information that goes through your copiers every day. Most copiers and scanners will store some of the information that is pushed through the machine by default. Whether you’re removing that piece of office equipment or just doing maintenance on your equipment, you should know how to safely remove any stored information on your copier machines. 
How to remove sensitive information from your office copier:
  • You should have some sort of encryption or disk overwrite software on your copier, especially if you know you are working with sensitive information such as credit cards, billing, social security and addresses. 
  • Use your security software to perform a disk overwrite to make sure none of the sensitive information is stored on the device. Every device and software will be different; a quick review of the user manual can help you accomplish this or call your office supply provider.
  • If you are sending out your office equipment for repairs or removing the machine from the office, we suggest performing this overwrite twice before removing the device.
  • Most software will notify you of completed removal of all stored information with a certificate of destruction. Keep these certificates because they serve as a legal guarantee that the information has been removed.
  • Schedule routine overwrites periodically and record who performed the task for your records.
  • Consult with a technician before you change anything on your hard drive to prevent any damages.
Your customers trust you with their private information, and you need to do your best to securely destroy any information on your devices. Always consult a professional, like us, if you have any questions.