How to Replace Your Laser Toner Cartridge

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Sometimes your printer seems like it's on strike; it malfunctions, mysteriously shuts down, or puts lines on your paper. These problems can be harder to fix, but every once in a while your printer problem has an easy remedy—for instance, when it's time to replace your toner cartridge.

Replacing Your Toner Cartridge

For laser printers, replacing a toner cartridge is relatively simple. Follow these instructions, and you should be up and running in no time.

  1. Make sure it's on: This may sound strange, but we've been asked before. Yes, your printer should be connected to a power source and turned on when you replace your toner cartridge.

  2. Find and access toner cartridges: In most models, the toner cartridges will be easy to find; they should be obvious when you open up the front cover. Some models require you to press and hold a release key to get inside, but most are fairly straightforward.

  3. Remove the used cartridge(s): Search for a release tab to detach your cartridge from the carriage. Consult your printer's handbook if this process doesn't prove intuitive.

  4. Insert your new cartridge: You'll probably need to remove a bit of packaging before installing your new cartridge, so be sure you've unwrapped it fully before attempting to put it in. Once you've done this, you should be able to insert the cartridge and hear a satisfying snap when it is in place.

There you have it—you should be back in business! If your printer has other issues, we can help with the repair. If your printer is malfunctioning or outdated, we can help you upgrade to a new one that meets your Chicago company's needs. Contact us for customized help finding the right printer, copier, fax machine, scanner, multifunction printer, or other office equipment.

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