The Importance of Proper Data Security

In today’s technology driven world, it is far too easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the most basic levels of data protection are enough. Many businesses don’t even implement the lowest levels of security, leaving wireless networks unsecured or setting basic passwords that can easily be bypassed, such as “123456” or the word "password". It is very important with the confidential level of business documents today that your business is taking the necessary steps to secure your data.

Some of the best ways to secure your data include:

  • Secure Your Network: Securing your network from outsiders is the most basic form of protecting your data, however you would be shocked how many businesses do not even take this first step. Secure your network so only your employees can access your business files.
  • Set Permissions: Setting permissions for different levels of files on your server means that only the users who need access to certain folders will have them, preventing users from accessing information that is not required to do their job.
  • Password Use: Setting up passwords for your confidential files takes your security to the next level, ensuring that your most confidential files stay safe.

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