IT Services—3 Benefits of Outsourcing

Chicago IT services

Your Chicago company depends upon technology to keep business processes moving forward. Read on to discover why outsourcing your IT needs may be the perfect solution for your organization.

1. 365/24/7 Monitoring

With someone else monitoring and maintaining your server, your staff is free to focus on growing your business. Proven IT experts will work hard to make sure your server is working correctly, and that all of your data is backed up and secure.

2. Backed up and Ready for Anything

Is your Chicago company prepared for disaster? Whether it's fire, flood, or user error, your data isn't safe until it's backed up at an offsite location. IT Services from Proven can help make sure your company can get back to work fast, even if the worst happens.

3. Put Your Resources to Better Use

There are definitely some benefits to an in-house IT team, but like any other business decision, it all comes down to resources.

  • Do you have the capital to build the required infrastructure, including servers, routers, software, etc.?
  • After building from the ground up, do you have the resources going forward to keep up with technology?
  • Can you afford to keep full-time experts on staff, including salary and benefits?
  • Have you evaluated the cost of keeping an in-house IT team trained and ready to meet the challenges in a rapidly changing field?

One of the reasons Chicago businesses outsource to IT Services is that it gives them access to superior knowledge and expertise without having to bear the considerable expense associated with handling everything in-house. In fact, a recent study by CompTIA verified that outsourcing to an IT Services Provider is 50% less expensive than the in-house alternative. And with one predictable monthly rate for everything, you won't be plagued by IT-related budgeting surprises.

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