Keeping Ahead of The IT Game

Chicago IT services

DIY may be the latest trend when it comes to home improvement projects, but the Design-It-Yourself Network doesn't leave much time to focus on running your business. For a custom network design that works for your Chicago company's unique requirements, IT Services provides the guidance you simply can't afford to do without. Here's why:

The True Cost of Consumer-Grade IT Solutions

Consumer-grade IT solutions like those found at big-box office equipment stores lack the features and functionality you need for your Chicago company's IT infrastructure. You may save a few bucks initially, but is the cost of downtime or a catastrophic security breach worth the savings?

No Time for Backup?

Everyone knows how important it is to backup data on a regular basis, but the reality of project deadlines and rapid growth can get in the way. IT Services provides you with expert Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Services to protect your most valuable asset in case the worst happens.

  • Natural disasters like fire and flood can damage data stored at your physical location.
  • Electronic disasters can wipe out your collective knowledge in seconds.
  • Malicious attacks like ransomware can hold your data hostage.

The Benefits of IT Services

We've already touched on a few of these benefits, including customized network design, data backup, and disaster recovery. Here are six more advantages to consider:

  1. A single-source for all IT-related installation and maintenance.
  2. A customized and flexible strategy designed to meet your unique business objectives.
  3. Budget predictability.
  4. A strategy that includes a well thought-out and executed plan for growth.
  5. Ongoing reporting and regularly scheduled performance reviews.
  6. Remote monitoring as a proactive approach to security threats and network performance issues.

To discover more about the advantages of IT Services for your Chicago organization, get in touch with us at Proven Business Systems today.

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