Make the Switch to a Network Printer

Chicago Copiers

Making the switch to a centralized network printer is a good way for businesses to increase productivity while saving money. One copier/printer everyone can use offers many advantages over personal desktop printers and copiers. Here are just a few of the benefits:

Save Time and Money

While it might seem convenient to have a printer on each desktop, you’ll save in the long run by having a centralized printer that everyone can access.

  • Fewer consumables to purchase. Keeping ink, toner, and drums on hand for an array of different printers can lead to a lot of under-the-radar spending as well as increased administrative costs for purchasing, invoicing, and keeping track of inventories. Keeping things simple with one central printer for everyone means these expenses are greatly reduced.

  • Fewer maintenance costs. More devices means more maintenance and IT headaches. By switching to one centralized printer that everyone can use, you’ll be able to simplify upkeep and routine maintenance, reducing downtimes and interruptions to workflows.

  • Less training required. New technologies always require costly training time, and printers are no exception. One central printer means reduced training time and greater efficiency. When everyone uses the same device, knowledge is shared and the printer becomes a tool for increased productivity, rather than a frustrating bottleneck that creates roadblocks.

Advanced Technologies

Desktop and personal printers are limited in their capabilities. Switching to one central printer means you’ll benefit immediately from greater speed and capacity. You’ll also see increased printing quality and advanced finishing techniques, reducing the need for expensive outsourcing. New green technologies also mean reduced energy usage and paper-saving features that are kind to the environment and budgets, and many printers include technologies for tracking usage.

Remote Capabilities

With today’s increasingly mobile workforces, the ability to connect to office printers from other locations is a real benefit. Employees can send documents from home or a client’s location and have them printed at the home office, reducing security risks and increasing convenience.

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