Mobile Printing Boosts Employee Productivity

Chicago copiers

The majority of knowledge workers say they would like access to a mobile printing solution. For many, this means a better way to work and use their time. As an employer, it means increased efficiency and productivity. If your Chicago company's copiers aren't mobile print-enabled, you're missing out on an opportunity to accomplish more in less time.

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Print Solution

It used to be that millennial employees were the group most likely to use personally-owned mobile devices for work. That's changed, and now employees of all ages realize that their mobile device allows them the flexibility to accomplish more in less time.

Here are three critical reasons why your Chicago company should consider adopting a mobile print solution and BYOD policy today:

  1. Improved productivity: Today's employees are as likely to work at home or in a coffee shop as they are at their desk in the office. A mobile printing solution that allows them to print securely from any location means improved productivity and cost savings for your business. Mobile printing is a win for your employees and your company.

  2. Improved network security: A secure mobile print strategy is a must if you have BYOD employees on staff. Data encryption, user authentications, pull printing and other solutions are designed to keep unauthorized users out of your printers and copiers—and out of your network.

  3. Flexibility for your IT staff: Do your BYOD employees or visitors to your Chicago office need to check with IT personnel every time they need to print from a mobile device? Your IT staff and your employees will agree—it's time for a permanent solution.

A mobile printing solution can improve productivity and network security across your Chicago organization. Contact us at Proven IT for a demonstration of copiers and printers with mobile printing capabilities today!

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