Multifunction Printers: Flashback Then Flash Forward

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Flashback! It's difficult to remember the age before digital domination. Office equipment used to consist of analog devices that were completely separate from networks. As new office machines rolled into the business world environment, the masses rose to accept them one at a time. The copiers. The facsimile. The scanner. The printer. A new essence was on the horizon; however, that would quickly change the way products operate. Network became the core of all devices.

Flash Forward

Today the multifunction printer can stand alone from copiers, fax machines, scanners, and printers. It is one single device with every capability you could ever ask for from an office machine.

The multifunction printer soon got connected to the network core. It's not just an output device. Users can scan a document and then transfer it through the network. Digital information management became a necessity so that we could organize, sort, file and search digital documents.

An office experience is entirely different today. Machines are user-friendly, convenient and compatible with software. The shift has transformed energy, security and collaboration on a high-scale level.

Multifunction printers

Multifunction printers have not only replaced four machines and connected with the network, but they save on time, money, space, resources and energy. Multifunction printers offer green benefits. The supply waste and packaging goes way down, thus reducing carbon footprints and costs.

A recap

The public bought office equipment as it was produced. They were the best out there. But now, the multifunction printer has made its splash in the digital world, becoming more and more vastly popular. Its advantages and ability to connect to the cloud are helping businesses across the nation succeed in their goals.

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