The Office Copier—Why Having Your Own is a Good Idea

Chicago Copiers

While outsourcing your office copying needs may initially seem like a good idea, the benefits of taking care of your copying and printing needs in-house are worth some serious consideration. As your business grows, so does your need for documentation, and a good copier becomes a business imperative.

Why Own Your Own?

  • On-demand copying. Let's face it. Today's office looks a lot different than its predecessor. From after-hours client meetings to round-the-clock scheduling to meet deadlines, having a good copier available when you need one is critical. Waiting until a copy shop opens in the morning can stall production and cause unnecessary bottlenecks.

  • Go green. Owning your own copier puts you in control when it comes to environmentally responsible printing practices. Participating in recycling programs for spent consumables, purchasing recycled paper, and implementing printing practices that reduce waste are all ways your company can start on the path to a greener office.

  • Quality control. It's not unusual to receive less than perfect results when outsourcing document copying. Because time is usually (make that always) limited, asking for a do-over is simply not an option. Having a copier on-site means you control the quality of your printed documents.

  • Guard your information. Security breaches are nothing new, and unfortunately, these leaks sometimes happen when businesses trust someone outside of their company's inner circle with sensitive information. A clerk behind the counter at a big box copy shop is an unknown quantity and may be inexperienced enough to give away confidential data without realizing it. Why take the risk of trusting outsiders with private company or client information?

Got Multi-functionality?

New features and technologies in copiers continue to amaze, especially within the multifunction printer industry. Combining the functions of four office devices, MFPs offer copy, print, scan, and fax capabilities in one sleek multifunction device. Whatever your office requirements, from high volume printing and networking capabilities to superior color printing and professional finishing techniques, there's a multifunction printer that can do the job, and do it very well.

To find out how owning a copier that will improve your office productivity and streamline workflows, contact Proven Business Systems today!