One Network Vulnerability Is All It Takes

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It's impossible not to be aware of the major data breaches impacting businesses around the world in the past several years. Almost without exception, these breaches have devastating consequences for the business, largely because of the effect they have on their customers.

I have a file folder full of letters from organizations warning me that they've fallen victim to hackers. Without exception, they're apologetic but can offer me little in exchange except for a free credit report. Thanks, guys. Thanks a lot.

One Is All They Need

The first question a consumer asks when a business sends this type of uh-oh letter is this: How did that happen? The answer may be complicated, but it's almost universally true that it only takes one network vulnerability to compromise an organization's entire network. The question you must ask yourself, then, is this: Can my Chicago staff find that one vulnerability, and can they find it in time?

Your New Full-Time IT Staff

There's no question that it takes a full-time IT staff to design, support, and maintain your Chicago company's networks. The expense can become cost prohibitive very quickly, but that doesn't mean you're out of luck.

By outsourcing to a professional IT Services partner, your Chicago business can benefit from the expertise of a full-time staff without the cost of an in-house line-up of highly trained employees. These IT Services experts will design your network while you concentrate on your business. They'll make sure your data is backed up, and they'll take a proactive approach to any threats, both real and perceived, to keep your information safe.

In today's increasingly hostile environment, you can't afford to leave anything to chance. For a customized approach to IT Services for your Chicago company, contact us at Proven Business Systems today!

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