The Ongoing Journey of Office Equipment

Chicago Office Equipment

Today you can purchase a do-it-all machine. Office equipment nowadays is dynamic, affordable and constantly improving. Before 2000, however, printers, copiers and fax machines had never even met each other. Their paths just didn't cross in the business world.

Remember when . . .

  1. No one reaped the benefits of their office equipment networking with every computer in the office?
  2. Printers were largely optical, analog imaging products?
  3. Printers could only copy one document at a time?
  4. Printers had no means to store digital info for later retrieval?

A "multi direction" journey

In order to truly appreciate how far we've come, let's track the journey of office equipment.

1938 -- The first photocopy was made in New York. A lawyer named Chester Carlson exposed a slide with incandescent light.

Fast forward to when data and production changed dramatically with Bill Gates and the DOS operating system. Say goodbye to typewriters and hello to the computer. Businesses quickly took advantage of the possibilities for spreadsheets, word processing, and document distribution.

Mid-1980s -- The market and technology was expanding. Laser printing took the stage.

The market exploded when companies like Xerox and Canon sold their engines to third-party manufacturers (like IBM, Apple, HP, etc.) They were then able to put their own spin on the machines, adding in different technologies and software. The industry's competition took hold.

That competition still exists today, as businesses are designing new software and technologies for office equipment. The improvements in photocopying never stopped from that day in 1938 when Chester made the very first photocopy. Now printers, copiers and fax machines can be combined into one efficient multifunction machine.

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