Online Support for Your Chicago Print Fleet

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Your Chicago team can work faster and smarter with assistance from your Xerox printers and multifunction systems, and with expert online support, now they can accomplish even more. Whether you're an end user or administrator, the Xerox Help Desk Learning and Resource Toolkit is invaluable. Here's how it can help you get the most value from your Chicago print fleet.

Expert Help from Xerox

Access the Xerox Product Support Page to gain access to a variety of solutions, services, and supplies. Under the Helpful Resources section, you'll find a link to the Help Desk Learning and Resource Toolkit PDF featuring Brainshark presentations covering a variety of topics.

So, what kind of help do you need today? Are paper jams slowing down your workday? Are you experiencing a problem with image quality on your Xerox multifunction printer? Would you like to know more about maintaining your Chicago print fleet? The Brainshark presentations address these issues and more. Watch until the end for an invaluable E-Toolkit download that includes printer-specific support. Using it, you can find support and answers customized to your Xerox devices.

In addition to the Toolkit, the Xerox Produce Support Page provides links to:

  • Xerox Support —Online assistance for your Chicago Xerox print fleet, including drivers, videos, and support documentation.
  • At Your Service Blog —Weekly educational and informative blogs written to help you get more value from your Chicago print fleet.
  • Xerox YouTube Support Channel —Video support with step-by-step instructionals showing how to access the features and capabilities found on your Xerox devices.
  • Customer Support Forum —Like to talk to other end users? The support forum is a great place to ask questions and get answers from other users.

For customized assistance and support for your Chicago print fleet, get in touch with us at Proven IT today!

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