Patient Privacy: Real Threats Require Real Solutions

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Increased privacy regulations along with stiff penalties for noncompliance mean Chicago healthcare facilities must do all they can to shore up data security. A 2016 Ponemon Institute study cites cybercrime as the leading cause of data loss among healthcare facilities, followed by employee errors, stolen devices, and complications involving third-parties.

With so much at stake, protecting proprietary patient data must take center stage as your healthcare organization prepares to meet ongoing challenges.

Why Being Careful Isn't Enough

The healthcare industry isn't the only one feeling the impact of more stringent regulations and an increasing threat from criminal attacks. Businesses in every sector are acknowledging the need to ramp up security as hackers continue to develop new methods for accessing data. Here's why your Chicago healthcare facility must take steps to safeguard your data now:

  • In 2016, the industry saw an increase in audits and fines for those who failed to satisfy complicated compliance mandates.
  • BYOD employees who use their personally-owned devices to store or access your data put your Chicago facility at even greater risk. To make matters worse, you're responsible for any breach that occurs if that data falls into the wrong hands.
  • Partnerships with outside firms (accountants, attorneys, service providers, etc.) can also put your data at risk. It's your organization's responsibility to make sure these partnerships' networks are as secure as your own.

Real Solutions

The best way to ensure compliance in an increasingly challenging environment is to address every possible vulnerability and scenario. That's impossible on your own, but not with professional IT Services to lend a hand. You'll have the luxury of devoting 100% of your attention to your patients' health while a team of IT experts ensures that your data is backed up, secure, and easily accessible to those who need it.

To learn more ways IT Services from Proven Business Solutions can help your Chicago healthcare facility overcome challenging security issues, contact us today!

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