Plan Ahead for Catastrophic Data Loss

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disaster /di-'zas-ter/ noun an unexpected event leading to unfortunate consequences.

What comes to mind when you think of the word disaster? A tornado or flash flood? Most of us define a disaster as a catastrophic event brought on by the forces of nature. For most businesses, the chances are relatively small that a natural disaster will result in enough damage to close down operations, but if you're gambling that the sun will continue to shine on your Chicago company, you may want to reconsider.

When it comes to your data, disaster can take many forms. An employee accidentally deletes critical files. A frozen pipe in the middle of winter floods your entire suite of offices. A server failure brings business to a standstill. All of these scenarios increase your odds of losing one of your Chicago company's most valuable assets.

Make a Plan Now

Disaster can take many forms, but when it takes your data with it, the consequences multiply rapidly. Here's how professional IT Services can help your company stay in business following a catastrophic event.

Offsite Data Backup — Many businesses are diligent about backing up their data. Unfortunately, many also find out too late that storing backed-up data in the same location as the original can have devastating consequences. Depend upon IT Services experts to keep backed-up copies of your critical data secure and offsite.

Implement a Recovery Plan — While data backup is essential, your Chicago business needs a step-by-step plan to restore client services as soon as possible following a disaster. By getting back on your feet in as short a time as possible, you'll be less likely fall among the 25% of businesses who close for good after a catastrophic event.

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