Prepare for Disaster with a Document Management System

Document Management

Did you know research proves that people by nature are universally optimistic? It's true. A recent University of Kansas and Gallup poll confirms that 95% of us expect life five years from now to be better than our current situation. When it comes to your business, however, perhaps a good policy is, as a British statesman so aptly put it, "I am prepared for the worst, but hope for the best."

Reality Check

You remember 9/11, of course. Who doesn't? An estimated 18,000 businesses were thrown off course or completely destroyed by that catastrophic event. Those businesses represented the livelihoods of countless families across the world. Hurricane Katrina also had a devastating impact on businesses, with a USA Today article citing smaller businesses as the hardest hit. While most businesses will never experience a disaster of such magnitude, loss due to disaster is nonetheless a real possibility.

Survival is Unlikely Without a Document Management System

Imagine a scenario where you left your office one Friday evening with everything in good order. An unexpected deep freeze bursts a water main and your office is flooded with gallon after gallon of icy water for the entire weekend. It goes without saying that your paper documents would most likely be completely destroyed, with no way of recovery. Computers and hard drives wouldn't fare any better, and your company's collective knowledge would be gone, perhaps for good.

Only 6% of businesses suffering catastrophic data loss survive the blow. The rest struggle to survive, with many never reopening at all. The sad thing is, most of those failures were preventable with a document management system. Insurance may cover the loss of furnishings and equipment, but it is the loss of collective knowledge that ultimately brings about failure. It is simply too difficult begin again in a timely manner when your company's knowledge base has been destroyed.

Prepare for the Worst With Document Management

Your company can have a fail-safe in place in the event of a disaster. With a document management system, your company's most valuable asset—your collective knowledge—is backed up and secure. If disaster strikes, you can start again with your knowledge base safely in place. Insurance will replace your furniture, and you can find temporary digs. And with a powerful document management system on your side, you can access your company's heart and soul, and begin again.

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