Preparing for the Copier Removal Process

Chicago copiers

If you're adding new copiers to your Chicago office equipment line-up, you probably have one or more devices you'll need to take out of service. The process doesn't need to be complicated, but a lot depends on your equipment provider and the agreement you made when you first purchased or leased your copiers.

Know What to Ask

A smooth transition from old copiers to new involves everything from physically removing the device from your location to securing the sensitive information saved on the hard drive. To avoid costly errors, it's a good idea to educate yourself before entering into a new lease or purchase agreement. Here's what you'll need to ask.

1. Who is responsible for removal?

Shipping a desktop or small, single-function device isn't a big deal, but if your Chicago business owns one or more multifunction copiers, the process suddenly becomes a lot more involved. These office workhorses can weigh up to 200 or 300 lbs or more, and they are comprised of delicate parts that won't stand up to rough handling. To avoid damage and unexpected costs, make sure you understand your end-of-lease responsibilities before moving forward with the removal process.

2. What happens to the hard drive?

The hard drive on multifunction copiers operates in the same way as those on computers. Each document that passes through the device remains there in the form of an image saved on the hard drive. Removing copiers from your location without addressing the issue of saved data puts your Chicago company's information at risk. Make sure your equipment provider either leaves the hard drive with you or agrees to overwrite or scrub the saved data before the device is removed from your location.

Multifunction copiers can help your Chicago business save time and money. Contact us at Proven IT to learn how today!

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