Price Tags: Laser Vs. Inkjet

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You may have heard the words "Inkjet" and "Laser" thrown around. They didn't really matter until it was time to shop for a new piece of office equipment for your home or office. Let's navigate the different choices you have when determining whether to purchase an Inkjet printer or a Laser printer.

How do they work?

They technical part that you don't see is that Inkjet printers use liquid ink. This liquid ink is dispersed through microscopic nozzles onto the paper. Laser printers, on the other hand, use a heated fuser and a toner cartridge that is filled with fine power. It's interesting to know how these difference pieces of office equipment work behind the scenes.

Printer Price Tags

Laser and inkjet printers (even multifunction ones) cost just about the same. It should be noted that inkjet models can print color pages while a typical budget laser printer can only print in black-and-white.

The least expensive lasers will cost about $130, but a cheap inkjet can be as little as $60-$60. The distinction is that inkjet printers usually come with 'starter' cartridges, but the ink tanks aren't full to begin with. A few prints later and you will need to refill them.

Of course, we should also look beyond the price tag at the ongoing costs. Inkjet printers cost about 20 cents per page (both color and black and white). If you print only in black and white, the cost will be about 7-8 cents per page. Laser printers generally cost about 6 cents per page. Laser printers in the larger sizes will have additional costs when compared to inkjet. They often need additional cartridges or parts replaced.

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