Print is Alive

Print is alive! Why do we say something so weird like this you might ask…Well, we say this because we have heard the words “print is dead.” We don’t agree!

So we would like to say “print is alive.” And it is, seriously!

There are people who believe because of the boom of social media and paperless billing that print is completely gone or that it will be soon.

These people don’t know what they are talking about! Because print is still thriving and it will continue to thrive for years to come!

Yes, more people read the news on their phones than the actual newspaper but this isn’t the only kind of print that exists! There are many more forms of print that are alive and well.

For instance, print marketing.

Marketing is very important for any company that wants to be successful. And yes many companies have chosen to use online and electronic marketing (which is great) but there are still many uses for print in the world of marketing.

Actually the best marketing schemes are ones that include a variety of online marketing and print marketing.

Some of the ways you can include print in your marketing plan are as follows:

  • Flyers: Flyers are a great way to be seen and to get in the minds of consumers. Flyers can be stuck on the windshields of vehicles, be handed out at businesses, and handed out in areas with large groups of people such as the mall or park. ‘
  • Business cards: When you are networking and meeting new people it is easy to hand out a business card with all of your information. The person can put it in the wallet and be reminded of it next time they go to make a purchase. If they simply put your number in their phone they might not remember until by chance they scroll through their contacts one day and come across your name (then they might wonder, who is this again?)

There are so many ways to use print in your marketing plan!

That is why we say “print is alive!”

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