The Print Audit Process

Printing has quickly become one of the most unmanaged portions of the annual budget in business today. Printing alone can consume up to 3% of your annual budget! This is a significant portion of your annual spending than can be reduced by simply implementing a Print Management program into you business.

We begin Print Management with a Print Audit, which creates a record of all the printing that takes place in your business. This gives you a detailed plan of how to eliminate unnecessary printing from your business and begin saving! Here are some of our favorite tips to maximize the benefits of managed print services:

  • Don’t rush the evaluation phase. The more data you collect about your print environment, the more effectively you will be able to integrate a print management program.
  • Implement permissions requirements for print jobs over a certain amount. The number of pages can vary depending on your industry. Setting permissions means that everything necessary will still be printed, however fewer misprints and mistakes tend to happen.
  • Find a software solution that works for your business. There are many print management software solutions available, and it is important you find one you are comfortable with.

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