Print Management For Education

Educational facilities and students print a lot! It might start with an application for enrollment, receiving a billing statement, letters of recommendation, and ends with a diploma of certificate. In-between those steps are tests, research, written reports, books and grades. The average college purchases around 19,200 reams of paper a year; that comes out to 9,600,000 sheets of paper! Educational facilities can benefit greatly from print management and help keep effects on the environment minimal.
How print management can be beneficial to educational facilities:
  • Print management simplifies your supply ordering requests. Most educational facilities have multiple printing fleets across campus and keeping up with every printer’s ink, toner, and paper supply is very difficult. Print management can automate your supply needs and submit a request for replacement supplies as needed.
  • Educational facilities have multiple students, and it can get tough making sure that only current students are using your expensive office equipment such as color copiers and printers. Print management can allow access to only authorized users to print from specific printers.
  • Print management can help you set up a print quota to prevent waste of resources and supplies. 
  • Print tracking offers a report on how much resources are being used by certain printers. If you have a department with high levels of print traffic, it will be best to have them print from machines that are more cost effective to maintain, such as black and white printers.
  • Print management gives you the recourses to keep your print budget under control while still keeping your departments working efficiently.
Our goal is to help educational facilities perform at their best while keeping their costs under control. Education is very important and expensive, the last think you want to do is pass on the cost of printing to your students. Contact us today to learn more about print management.