Print Repair—It's Not in Your Job Description

Chicago print repair

As an office manager, administrative assistant, or knowledge worker, you probably spend plenty of time using your office's copy and print devices.

We're pretty sure you haven't spent very much time reading the repair manual that came with your multifunction printer, however. That's okay because print repair isn't your job.

The truth is, it's not the primary job of your Chicago company's IT department either, but they're often the go-to solution for print repair issues. The question to ask yourself is whether taking your talented IT team away from core tasks is the best use of company resources. For most businesses, the answer is a definitive No.

Print Repair 101

If the above heading sounds like the beginning of a print repair tutorial, not to worry. We're going to advise that you stop referring to your device manual or calling your IT team whenever your office experiences printer downtime. It's not your job, but it is someone else's.

The print and copy industries have done a stellar job of making sure their equipment gets the best in maintenance and repair. As your local Chicago equipment vendor, we have a team ready to respond when your devices experience problems. In fact, they're often able to react before your staff even realizes an issue is about to surface.

Your IT team was hired to keep your network secure and your hardware and software up to date. While they may often be able to get a printer back online, it's not their field of expertise and certainly not in their job description.

By partnering with a provider offering service contracts or managed print services, you'll get the benefit of industry-trained service technicians, remote monitoring and repair, and fast response times for issues requiring on-site attention.

Contact us at Proven IT to find out how expert print repair in the Chicago area is just a phone call away.

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