Print Repair: Why Are You Still Going It Alone?

print repair

Growing a business requires time, attention, and a willingness to reach beyond your skill set and comfort zone. That's why Chicago's small business owners are expert multitaskers, and why they hire staff with the same talent.

There's no question that the DIY spirit found in many small-to-medium businesses is admirable. In some cases, it's this very get-'er-done attitude that prevents SMB owners from discovering some true money and time-saving services. One of these is professional copy and print repair.

Don't Go It Alone

Relying on your staff for print device repair may seem like a money saving proposition. Some of your employees may have just enough knowledge to tackle paper jams and other basic printer issues, but going beyond that could prove disastrous. Here's why contacting a Chicago-area professional print repair provider is always the better option.

1. It's not as expensive as you think.

If you're limping along with outdated equipment, you can solve several issues at once by leasing new devices.

  • Lease agreements include print repair and maintenance plans.
  • A maintenance plan that includes toner cartridges eliminates supply hassles.
  • Upgrade options to stay ahead of technology is especially attractive for SMBs.

2. Expert print repair means better results.

Whether you choose to lease new equipment or not, print repair is best left to the experts. With industry certifications on their side, professional print repair providers understand how your equipment works. When you choose a trusted Chicago vendor, your devices will be back online in no time.

3. Your staff has other things to do.

You chose your staff because their skill set filled a need within your company. Free up their valuable time by outsourcing print repair to the experts. And if you've acquired several printers, a managed print solution includes print repair and other services to meet your needs.

For expert print repair, equipment, and managed services in the Chicago area, contact us at Proven IT today!

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