Printer Driver Basics

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Printing issues can derail your Chicago team's project at the last minute, turning what should be a simple procedure into a stressful event. Much of the time, the underlying cause of print issues are printer drivers and not your office equipment.

Let's take a look at how printer drivers can make or break your print job, and what steps you can take to correct the problem.

Understanding Printer Drivers

Simply explained, printer drivers allow your computer to communicate with your office printing equipment. The two types of equipment do not share a common language, and without a correctly installed and updated printer driver, instructions to print are simply lost in translation.

The two languages that allow your very different types of office equipment to communicate are known as PCL (Printer Command Lange) and PS (Postscript). The former is specific to the printer, while the second is not dependent on a specific device. PS is useful for everyday printing requirements while PS is more suitable for detailed documents and those with heavy graphics. Mac platforms and print shops are more likely to use PS than PCL.

When You Need to Update

Software bugs or other issues may require you to update your printer driver. If you're experiencing any of the following issues, contact your Chicago office equipment provider for assistance:

  • Your computer is unable to locate your printer.
  • Your documents print, but characters or black lines show up in the document.
  • The print program crashes and is unable to complete the print job.

You should be able to locate an update for your printer driver on the equipment manufacturer's website. You can also access your Chicago office equipment provider's website for help locating the correct driver.

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