Printer Problems 101

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Printer problems getting you down? Here's a checklist that may help.

Stay Calm and Assess

1. It. Just. Won't. Print. We hear you! First, check for error messages. If none are present, check for loose or unplugged hardware connections. Checking for network connectivity is next. If you're on the right network, it's possible the driver or software on the printer has become corrupted. Reinstalling may help, but if not, calling a service technician is the next step.

2. I'm out of ink. Sort of. If you're getting an out-of-ink message, but you can still print, you won't damage anything by continuing to print until the ink is depleted. Most printers give low ink warnings well in advance, so you can be prepared. But there's no need to rush out for new cartridges as soon as a warning pops up.

3. My printer isn't fast enough. Advanced printers offer increased power and high speeds. If your requirements call for outputs faster than your current printer can provide, it's best to replace it with a device with more power and higher capacity document trays. If you don't need to upgrade, but just need a little more speed, try printing in draft mode for in-house documents.

4. I'm spending big bucks on ink. While ink and toner prices have come down, cost is still a factor. If you got a great deal on a printer, but you weren't given information beyond the sticker price, that may be part of the problem. Lower end printers often require more expensive consumables, and they use them faster. Also, look into high-capacity toner cartridges. They cost more initially, but you'll gain increased savings in the long run.

Another way to reduce printing expenditures is to cut back on printing. Many of us print without thinking, but research shows that up to 80% of filed documents are never accessed or needed again. Clearly we're printing more documents than we need.

The Ultimate Solution

If your printers are driving you crazy and costing way too much money in downtimes, repairs, and consumables, managed print services can help solve your problems. Most business realize savings of up to 30% on their print infrastructure.

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