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Do your Chicago staff members access the internet at work? Web access is often necessary just to get work done, and it's also common for employees to access the internet for personal use while at work.

Unfortunately, this often unmanaged web access via your Chicago company's network is full of potential dangers.

What You Should Do Now

Short of prohibiting web access (impractical at best), your company must take steps to mitigate the major browsing risks. Here are a few of the potential risks you're facing, and what you can do to decrease your likelihood of catastrophic data loss.

Online advertising

Profiling capabilities have become increasingly more sophisticated, and criminals have figured out how to leverage online ads to their advantage. Malvertising via scam ads increased last year by 845.9%. That means that when one of your Chicago employees accesses the web, chances are very good they'll be directed to a phishing page instead of the real thing.

Social media hacks

Fake Facebook pages. Fake applications. Phishing schemes. Click-jacking. Worms.

Social media is a veritable minefield of scams, and none are completely safe.

Training your staff

Staff training is critical and should be ongoing to keep ahead of the latest threats. Employees must learn to:

  • Avoid clicking links contained in emails
  • Be careful with downloads
  • Use only company-approved virus software
  • Be savvy enough to spot a fraudulent website
  • Learn to spot social media scams

Professional IT Services

Threats are always changing, and you've got a business to run. Outsourcing through professional IT Services is how many Chicago businesses protect their networks. Check out these advantages:

To learn more ways IT Services from Proven IT can protect your Chicago company's network, get in touch with us today!

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