Project Based File Management - Use Document Management

Solutions to Document Management Within a Project

If your company has ever tried to manage just one document within a team project, you’ve probably wanted to pull your hair out after the third or fourth version. With more companies going digital to save paper and printing costs, your project could have easily have hundreds of documents with different versions of each floating around in cyberspace. You need a project based file management system for document management, so things don’t get out of hand.

You need a system that maintains dependable folder structure for every project. Each time your team begins a project, everything is organized and consistent with the previous projects. This is efficient because once you learn the organization system, you can find things within any project and understand the status without a lot of retraining.

A way to update versions so that each and every change is captured in the most current file is necessary. This improves the collaboration of the team when everyone knows which one is the most current file. Consider including the ability to store and file email records with the project because so much communication is through email.

A project based file management system for document management will save you time and money. Your team will have the ability to retrieve and upload information within a web-portal that is secure and controls who has access to different documents.