Protect Your Equipment Investment With a Power Conditioner

Chicago print repair

Whether you own a small desktop home printer or run a business that's put thousands of dollars into state-of-the-art office systems, it makes good economic sense to protect your investment. For most of us, that means partnering with a trusted print repair provider and purchasing our equipment from industry leading technology manufacturers.

Even though you can't do much on your own beyond clearing the occasional paper jam and restocking toner cartridges, there is something you can do today to take better care of your equipment.

Power surges, lightning strikes, and faulty wiring—Oh my!

One simple step can go a long way toward protecting your technology investment and keeping print repair calls to a minimum for your Chicago office. Since electrical power is not constant as it flows into your home or office, there are a few things you need to do to know about the electricity that powers your devices.

  1. Look around the room you're in and count how many different equipment islands are plugged in and turned on. Include printers, multifunction systems, computers, chargers connected to mobile devices, scanners, fax machines, and yes, the office coffee maker. Each of these devices is drawing power and can interfere with delivery to other equipment on the same circuit.

  2. How old is the building your Chicago company occupies? Do you know when the wiring was last updated? Old or inadequate wiring can interfere with power delivery.

  3. Lightning strikes can go unnoticed, but when one impacts power delivery, your devices can be destroyed in seconds.

The Simple Fix

Protect your investment by spending a little more time and money on a power conditioner. Your devices will benefit from reduced surge impact, and some conditioners will even disconnect your equipment the moment a problem is detected.

Need help with your devices? Contact us for Proven IT for expert print repair in the Chicago area today!

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