Quick Solutions to Print Repair

Chicago Print Repair

Laser Printers are not without issues. Are you experiencing hang-ups that need print repair? Check out the list below for quick solutions.

1. Toner doesn't stick to the page or smears

You may need to replace the fuser. Another thing that would cause this issue is a defective toner cartridge. If replacing the cartridge doesn't solve the problem, the toner may have spilled into the printer. In this case, clean out the print. If none of these fixes help you should probably call print repair.

2. Paper jams

Laser printers can get paper jams because of dust, grime or dirt. The rollers could be worn, or the wrong type of paper could be jamming things up. Check your user manual to make sure you are using the correct type of paper. Paper that is too light or heavy will cause jams in your Laser.

3. Print displays a 50.4 error message

This message points to a kink with the power supply. If this occurs, there are several steps you can take to try to clear this. If you are plugged into a power strip, unplug the printer and plug it into the wall. A laser shouldn't ever be connected to a UPS because of power surges that the printer requires.

4. Part of the paper is faded

Why would your paper be faded in part or completely? This means that the printer is low on toner, the print density is set too low, or the printer may have Economode turned on.

5. Issues printing envelopes

Ensure that the envelopes you print with are 20 lbs in weight and thickness. Check to make sure the envelopes can withstand the heart of the fuser.

Do you have a print issue that just won't be solved? Contact us for print repair or other services for your Chicago office.

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