Ready to Make Your Office Equipment Checklist?

Chicago office equipment

If you've been looking at new printers and you're a little overwhelmed with the vast number of choices, that's understandable. Not surprisingly, advances in office equipment are keeping pace with other technologies, and it's a bit of a challenge to stay informed.

The good news is, businesses are more likely than ever to find office equipment that can help speed up productivity, introduce new efficiencies, and reduce costs—all at the same time.

Check, Check, and Check!

Get out your pencil and start making a checklist. No matter what your Chicago office requirements may be, there's a printer for that!

Narrowing down your choices to a practical checklist begins with identifying your requirements.

  1. Document-centric businesses like law, healthcare, and finance will do well with a laser printer. With sharp black-and-white text, even with the smallest font choice, laser-printed documents are easy to read.

  2. Do you have high volume requirements? Look for a device with high page-per-minute capabilities and high-capacity print trays. Also look for a monthly duty cycle that exceeds your requirements; a duty cycle that just squeaks by is asking too much of your printer.

  3. Are you dealing with limited workspace in your Chicago office? Multi-use office equipment like a multifunction printer can free up valuable room by combining a copier, printer, scanner and fax in one streamlined device.

  4. Are you ready to go digital? Multifunction systems with scanning capabilities can help your Chicago company replace paper-heavy processes with digital workflows.

  5. Could you use a little color in your office? In-house color printing capabilities can help reduce the cost of outsourcing while delivering new capabilities to your office.

To learn more about the latest advances in office equipment, contact us at Proven Business Systems today!

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