Reduce Downtime With a Print Repair Agreement

Chicago print repair

It's an unfortunate truth that when your printer goes down, a lot of other things go down right along with it. Whether it's a critical manual for an employee training session, the flier that was supposed to go out with this month's invoices (also delayed), or the contract to finalize a major deal, there's never a right time for a printer malfunction.

Prepare for the Inevitable

Whether your Chicago print devices are a few years old or a recent purchase, it's always best to prepare in advance for downtimes.

Regularly scheduled maintenance can go a long way towards preventing major issues later on, and a print repair contract can make a tremendous difference. Here are some of the major benefits:

1. Reduced Downtime

Downtime is expensive on several fronts, and best avoided. An agreement that includes scheduled maintenance, as well as emergency print repair, can help reduce your chances of unscheduled and inconvenient downtimes.

2. Lower Costs

With no agreement in place for print repair, your Chicago company is at the mercy of the going price for emergency repairs. A service level agreement can help reduce these costs with regularly scheduled service and routine maintenance to keep your devices in top condition. You'll have fewer frustrating paper jams and breakdowns when your Chicago devices are regularly maintained.

3. Free Up Your Staff

Every office has an onsite go-to person for print issues. This is problematic on several levels:

  • Even the most qualified IT technician has probably not received the latest print repair training.
  • When IT staff are called on to deal with paper jams and printer errors, they're not available for mission-critical projects.
  • Ignoring maintenance issues just to get by often results in larger, more expensive repairs later on.

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