Repair or Replace?

Chicago Print Repair

As with any equipment, it can be baffling to decide at what point to invest in a replacement. Many factors come into play, including TCO, manufacturer support, and whether equipment problems are impacting your Chicago company's productivity. At some point the real question that needs answering is this: Should you invest money in print repair or opt for a replacement instead? Here's how to decide.

1. When Support Ends

Old equipment can be problematic in more ways than one. When manufacturer support reaches a near standstill, print repair may not be an option. Here are just a few of the issues that may arise:

  • Print driver updates may be nonexistent, making it impossible for users to print documents.
  • Old operating systems may cause unacceptable security vulnerabilities.
  • Online articles and troubleshooting guides may no longer be available.
  • Parts become difficult or impossible to obtain, and those that are available may come at a high price.

2. When You Need New Features

If you're keeping old equipment around to save money, you may want to do some research on the cost-saving capabilities found on the latest printers and copiers. Many of these new features can help you reduce waste across your entire Chicago organization.

  • Automatic duplexing capabilities can reduce paper usage by as much as 50%.
  • Wireless capabilities help employees connect, improving productivity and collaboration.
  • Digital workflow solutions help reduce paper consumption and automate repetitive processes.
  • Faster print speeds and professional finishing capabilities reduce or eliminate the need for outsourcing.

3. When It's Time to Replace Paper

It may seem counterintuitive, but it can be next to impossible to go paperless without the right printer. Digital workflow capabilities on the latest multifunction printers and copiers are engineered to help organizations replace paper-based processes with paperless solutions.

If print repair costs have made a mess of your Chicago company's budget, contact us at Proven Business Systems for an assessment today!

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