Repair or Upgrade Your Printer? Here's How to Tell!

print repair

Not sure if your Chicago office needs a new printer? The decision whether to call your Chicago print repair provider for help or a replacement device isn't always clear.

Check out these issues that may indicate it's time for an equipment upgrade.

1. Frequent downtime.

If you depend on your multifunction printer for your daily workflows (and most of us do!), downtime is unacceptable. If you're paying extra for outsourcing or trying to find something else for your staff to do, you're wasting valuable resources. An equipment upgrade will eliminate frequent downtimes so your team can concentrate on doing their jobs.

2. Basic functions don't always work.

There are certain features on your laser printer or multifunction system that should work without intervention. Has your team has come up with workarounds to complete basic tasks manually when they should be automatic? If so, contact your Chicago print repair provider for an assessment.

3. You keep losing connectivity.

Wireless printers shouldn't constantly lose their connection to your network. Networking problems can interrupt your ability to capture information and route it into your document management system. A disconnected wireless multifunction system is a sure sign that's something isn't right.

4. Your devices are more than five years old.

The five-year mark is a good time to have your Chicago print repair provider assess the condition of your equipment. Issues like print security, image quality, and frequent repairs may signal that a replacement is in order.

5. You're calling your print repair technician a lot more often.

Even a very good system eventually wears out. If you're calling your Chicago print repair technician as often as you're ordering coffee, maybe it's time to call it a day and get something new.

Whether you need print repair or an equipment upgrade, we're here to help! Contact us at Proven IT for a consultation today!

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