Save Money and Optimize Workflows with Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services, Chicago

Easy access to printers has given office workers the power to print without giving it a second thought, costing businesses money and negatively impacting the environment. While paper documents are critical to business operations, under-the-radar print spending can soar without a clear way to track the process. Managed print services can help your company gain control of your total print infrastructure, improving workflows and saving money in the process.

Lower Your Total Printing Costs

Businesses who outsource to a managed print services provider can expect to see a 30% reduction in printing costs. It's difficult to make changes without a clear picture of the situation. Managed print services provides ongoing monitoring and reporting of print volumes, so you'll know exactly what's being printed in each department. Access controls and new guidelines can help users cut down on unnecessary printing. You'll also save on printer maintenance and repairs, and cut down on energy usage by eliminating unnecessary equipment.

Improve Business Workflows and Free Up IT Staff

Printer downtimes interrupt projects and waste resources. With managed print services, your staff can focus on value-added projects, rather than wasting time troubleshooting printer problems. Your devices will be monitored 24/7, with alerts sent anytime a potential problem is detected. A service technician will be dispatched to fix the problem, with many issues corrected even before you're aware of their existence. You'll avoid costly hourly service charges and the resulting interruptions to business processes.

Gain Control of Consumables

Managing printer ink and toner supplies can be a hassle. Someone has to administrate the entire process, from ordering, receiving and invoicing, to managing and storing of inventories. Managed print services takes this entire process out of your hands, including disposal and recycling of spent cartridges. Alerts are sent to the provider when ink or toner is getting low. An automated shipping process means you'll have the supplies you need, eliminating excesses as well as emergency shortages.

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