Save Money with Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

It's a fact. Many small to medium businesses are very good at tracking spending and cutting costs. But one business expense that often flies under the radar is printing. With no clear way to track what is being printed and where, wasteful printing practices can go virtually undetected. The solution is managed print services, with businesses saving up to 30% on total print environment spending.


Know What You're Really Spending

  • Print analysis. With remote and on-site monitoring, you'll have a clear picture of what's being printed, where it's being printed, and what paper and ink is being used to print it. Access controls and permissions along with paper-saving measures like two-sided printing can be implemented to reduce waste.
  • Device assessment. With managed print services, your devices will be assessed, pinpointing areas of overlap and inefficiency. Your office workflows will improve when devices are relocated for ease of access, and you'll save money when unnecessary devices are eliminated from your fleet.

Save Money by Gaining Control

  • Automatic supply renewals. It takes time and money to maintain a supply closet for print consumables like ink cartridges, toner, and paper. With managed print services, automatic ordering means you'll have the supplies you need without costly excesses. You'll also avoid unexpected shortages and the resulting wait time until supplies arrive.
  • An optimized fleet. Emergency break-fix scenarios due to missed maintenance are frustrating and expensive. A managed print services provider keeps your equipment in excellent condition, heading off breakdowns before they have a chance to negatively impact your work day.
  • Predictable costs. One set monthly fee for your total print environment means you can plan better and free up resources for value-added projects.
  • Enhanced security. Your managed services provider can identify weak spots and recommend solutions to tighten your print environment security.
  • Free up staff. Your IT team (or whoever is the go-to person for the next printer crisis) is more valuable to your company doing what you hired them to do. The experts on our managed print services team know printers. We'll take care of yours so you can get back to your real business.

To find out more ways you can save with managed print services, contact Proven Business Systems today.

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