Save More than Ever Before with Print Management


Gaining control of your office printing habits may seem like an unachievable goal, especially for larger businesses with many employees. While office printing is necessary in the world today, there are many ways that you can take management of your print environment to the next level and truly begin saving!

Did you know that the average office spends upwards of 3% of their annual budget on printing alone? With Print Management programs in place, this number can be cut by up to 1/3, simply by making a few changes in the ways that your office approaches printing.

Here are some of our favourite tips when it comes to cutting down on office printing:

· Change Settings: Many office printers come with duplex printing settings. Changing to duplex printing can give you a significant boost to cut back your office printing, saving you up to 40% on paper expenditure.

· Require Permissions: While you may not want to require permissions for all print jobs, setting up permissions for print jobs over 20 pages or that have a significant amount of colour can cut back on printing and reduce the amount of reprints necessary due to errors.

· Print Management: Print management programs will allow you to monitor printing within your business, and discover where the majority of printing takes place from department wide analysis down to the individual user.

Contact us today to learn more about how your office can benefit by implementing a print management program and begin saving immediately!