Saving Your Documents, Saving Your Company

Recent reports show that insured catastrophe losses worldwide totaled $31 billion in 2014. Is your business protected?

Every year, companies lose important documents and data to natural disasters including floods, fires, and more. When these disasters occur, office equipment can easily be destroyed. Paper documents are damaged, computers can get ruined, and in a flash vital information can instantly disappear.

Consider for a moment what would happen if you came to work and all of your filing cabinets were destroyed. Does your business have a disaster recovery plan?

With a document management system, companies can rest easy knowing that they have an established plan in case of emergency.

Document management systems allow for documents to be easily organized, indexed, and backed up. Important documents will never be lost, damaged, or destroyed. When it comes time to make a plan for disaster recovery and document management, there are multiple options that can be considered.

Full Backup
Establishing a full backup plan consists of nightly media backup. This system is excellent for security but can take a lot of storage space and time to store is large.

Cumulative Backup
Another strategy is to do a full backup weekly. Often this occurs on the weekend and saves all of the documents and data from the organization. Less storage space is required for this system, but there is the potential for losing information from the week.

Incremental Backups
Incremental backups store all data once per week and perform partial backups on the other days. This means that each day, only the documents that have changed are re-saved. This process uses the less amount of time, however it can be more complex to perform a system recovery in event of disaster.

Document management systems are an excellent way to establish peace of mind. Having a plan in place can help save businesses in the event of any natural disaster.

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