Say Hello to Your New Translator

Chicago copiers

Chicago companies depend on their office technologies to keep business moving forward. Multifunction copiers and printers have now become essential tools, providing a full line of capabilities to improve productivity and reduce costs. The basic features usually include:

  • Copy, print, scan, and fax capabilities.
  • Intuitive touch-screen interfaces.
  • Professional finishing options like collating, stapling, punching, and booklet making.
  • Sharp text and high impact color.
  • Plenty of speed and power to handle high-volume printing requirements.
  • Workflow solutions to bypass printing for digital processes.

Translation Made Simple

It's easy to see why multifunction copiers are a favorite of Chicago business owners and managers. Now businesses are starting to depend on the Optical Character Reader (OCR) included in most multifunction copiers in an entirely unexpected way—as a translator for international communications. Here's an overview of the benefits:

Faster Translation

Even if your company employs an expert translator proficient in multiple languages, retyping data takes up valuable time, and the margin of error increases with every new entry. OCR allows users to produce an accurate translation simply by placing the document on the scanning bed.

More Language Options

With language options in excess of thirty distinct varieties, the translation feature on these multifunction copiers is phenomenal. Some devices allow users to correct syntax and grammatical nuances to improve upon the final translation even further.

More Options for Your Business

If you've been reluctant to conduct business with a client due to language barriers, these state-of-the-art copiers can help your Chicago company overcome those hurdles once and for all. Increasing your competitive edge by breaking into the global marketplace has never been easier or less expensive.

At Proven Business Systems, we go the extra mile to help your business succeed. Contact us to learn more about the powerful capabilities found on the latest multifunction copiers and printers today!

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