Secrets to Saving on Ink and Toner

Chicago Print Repair

As a business owner, we feel you should be aware of all the possible ways that you can save money and environmental resources. Print repair, paper, ink and toner costs can get out of control if not carefully wielded.

The Secrets to SAVING on Ink or Toner

  1. Use the DRAFT Mode

    Does your inkjet printer have a DRAFT option? Take full advantage of it! This will significantly reduce the day-to-day ink that you use. Normal print mode allows the print cartridge to give the document multiple coats of ink to make the words and images more significant. In draft mode, the printer won't layer like that, only using one ink coat and then proceeding to the next line. The words won't be as bold with draft mode, but it is still readable and doable for everyday printing jobs.

  2. Less output resolution

    If you have a laster printer, there will be a "Resolution" setting. Lower resolutions use less toner particles for an image or words. Again, this setting won't produce as dark of images but it will still be appropriate for everyday use.

  3. Save on color.

    Color cartridges are typically more expensive than monochrome. Never assume that your printer is only printing black-and-white. Your documents might LOOK black to you but your computer could be sending an off-black color. Your cartridges will mix black and color to produce the color your computer is sending it. There are print products that will only print black-and-white. Otherwise, check to make sure that your settings won't call for an expensive color combination (before you resort to print repair).

Contact us to purchase a printer that only prints in black-and-white or ask about print repair for your Chicago office.

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