Setting Up The New Office

When moving into a new office, it is important to think about how the new space will be constructed.  The arrangement and organization of a room can have a significant effect on the amount of work completed as well as a few other important psychological effects.  Here are a few of the basics for setting up a new office space.

The first thing you want to do is determine what you are trying to accomplish with your office.  If you manage teams of people, perhaps a goal is to be in a position of power.  If you are a consultant, perhaps an inviting environment will suit your office best.  This is all personal preference depending on your personality and the functions you wish your office to serve. 

Consider not only where your desk will be located but how it will be positioned.  These two factors have a significant impact on people coming into your office.  You want to be facing the door when sitting at your desk if you want a position of power.  Positioning your desk in the center of the room can also create the impression of control.

Another consideration is the selection and placement of office decoration.  You could employ plants, furniture or other Chicago office equipment to accomplish certain goals.  More greenery and a lighter environment can be more welcoming if this is a characteristic you wish to portray.

The overall goal is to match the setup of your office to what you would like to accomplish in that space.  If you have any questions about Chicago office equipment and how it can contribute to your office, contact us today.