Should You Repair or Upgrade Your Copier?

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Technology changes rapidly, and deciding when to upgrade is a challenge we all face on a regular basis. Our office equipment is no longer a fleet of nuts-and-bolts contraptions that help us produce or duplicate documents; they are sophisticated, technology-driven devices that bridge the gap between our paper and digital workflows. While the advantages of technology are substantial, the question of when to repair vs. when to upgrade becomes slightly more complicated.

Repair or Upgrade?

Your printer is out of commission again, and you're faced with the same old question: Should you contact a Chicago print repair expert or consider upgrading to new equipment? Here's how to eliminate the noise and come to a decision that makes the most sense for your organization.

  1. How old is your device? A copier or printer that's surpassed the five-year mark and is starting to exhibit problems is a good candidate for replacement.
  2. Are you experiencing compatibility problems? At some point, your aging equipment may no longer be compatible with your other networked devices.
  3. Are updates and parts becoming harder to find? Your equipment provider will have access to everything you need to keep newer equipment operating according to the manufacturer's specifications. Availability may become more of an issue with older equipment.
  4. Are your documents secure? Outdated devices will not have the robust security solutions found on the latest multifunction copiers and network printers.
  5. Do you own the equipment? If your system is under a lease agreement, upgrading should be a relatively straight-forward process. If you need to upgrade your provider as well as your equipment, then get in touch with the team at Proven IT for access to industry-leading print technologies and superior support.

Need some help? Contact us at Proven IT for expert print repair and equipment in the Chicago area today!

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