Significantly Reduce Printing – Limit Permitted Documents

Chicago Print Management

Studies show that the average office worker prints on average 10,000 sheets of paper. These numbers increase when there are many workers in the office. Getting a handle on print activities is very important. This can affect your current budget, as well as, future opportunities. Managed print services are being used by many businesses these days. These services offer more than simple outsourcing options. They can be used to streamline spending related to printing. There are many options available for managed print services. You can set monthly budgets for the materials that are printed. It is also possible to schedule special projects that require high volume printing. This work is done offsite and will use none of your office supplies. Using these services can significantly reduce printing expenses. Decide What to Print Business owners and managers have decided that it’s best to select what materials can be printed. This process reduces costs associated with this activity. Certain documents need to be printed regularly. There are a lot of things that can be relayed electronically, instead of through print. The majority of printed materials are discarded within 48 hours. They can lead to more and more waste. You will eliminate this by choose items like these for printing: • Financial Statements • Client Contracts • Business Reports • Marketing Materials Limit Specific Projects In your office, you are likely to have adequate equipment for work. There are printers and copiers in this space. It is possible to use these for small printing projects. When you limit this activity, you will reduce spending. Managed print services can be used to handle these projects, as well. These may be related to planned events. There are times when impromptu occasions arise. Outsourcing this work could end up saving you time and money. It takes time to see what areas are problems where spending is concerned. Printing is generally one of the easiest to judge. This is because this activity takes place each day in offices around the world. The more that you save here, the more you have to invest in other areas. Managed print services can be used to track print spending. Page-by-page breakdowns are extremely helpful. Planning for large projects overtime will take less out of your operational budget.

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