This Simple Office Hack Will Make Your PDFs Easier to Use

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Are you constantly wasting time searching for an electronic document? Are you always left wondering what naming convention your co-worker used to save a PDF, aimlessly browsing through document after document? Did you know this doesn't have to be your reality?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format—a format that simply makes documents easier to send and view regardless of a user's computer applications. This can make it easier when sharing documents in differing formats or across operating systems. But it can also make your documents harder to find because it "flattens" the text. Your computer's search function won't recognize the text in your PDFs without a little help, making it almost impossible to find certain documents hidden in shared drives and computers. Here's how you can fix this problem.

Make Your PDFs Searchable

Here's the simple hack you probably wish you had known before; you can make your PDFs searchable by making it an "OCR" document. OCR stands for optical character recognition and refers to software that helps your computer "read" the characters in a PDF document.

For our purposes, Nuance and ABBYY both have easy-to-use, inexpensive tools to convert PDFs to an OCR format. If you're using this on a personal level or for a few work projects, Google Drive and Evernote are also two excellent tools to use for PDF OCR conversion.

However, if you're looking at year sand years or PDFs that aren't going to be easy to convert to an OCR format, you need document management. Document management helps you index, tag, format, and quickly find your documents. Document management is the go-to solution for today's businesses to control the flow of information. Make your documents easy to find, access, and share with a document management system. To learn more about using document management for your Chicago business, contact us today.

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