Solving Your Printer Problems

Chicago, Print Repair

Issues with printers can be extremely frustrating. Before you call IT or replace the device, here are some common printer problems and steps to solve them.

Slow Printing

Start by reducing print quality, but not to an extent that it is visibly noticable. This also saves you ink in the process.

Spendy Ink

Unfortunately, you'll always have to spend money on ink. However, buying higher-capacity cartridges saves you money over time.

Flawed Prints

Does your printer produce pages that are light, spotty, or have horizontal lines? Try cleaning out the device. Still not working right? You might have a clogged print head. This is a common problem when printers are infrequently used. Try using your printerí's utility program to clean out the dried ink. The utility app can be found in your computer's "Devices and Printers" or "Control Panel."

Slow Wireless Printing

Wired connections work best but are not always feasible. Place your printer as close to the router as possible, or consider a wireless extender.

Poor Print Quality

Remanufactured or refilled cartridges are usually the culprit. Stick with the manufacturers ink for best quality. Cheaper inks often mean lower-quality prints.

Not Enough Text on the Page

Shrink your text to fit two pages on one sheet. Navigate to "Print" and "Properties," then look for a printer setting that lets you increase the number of pages per sheet. This speeds up printing as well, but works best for things like spreadsheets and other documents that will still be legible.

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