Take Your Green Initiatives to the Next Level

We live in a day and age where businesses must take into account how much they print, and how much printing can be reduced. Many offices suffer from a high printing budget, when in reality, they could be saving significantly by taking the necessary steps to reduce printing. Many businesses spend between 1-3% of their annual budget on printing alone; this number can be significantly reduced through a number of initiatives, including Managed Print Services, Document Management and other programs that help to reduce a business’s reliance on printing.

There are many ways that businesses are taking the steps to go green and reduce printing, including:

  • Document Management: Optimize your document processes and make the switch to digital document management with Proven Business Systems! This will help you to reduce printing and increase productivity across the board!
  • Managed Print Services: Managed Print Services helps you to not only reduce printing in your office, but also automate supply ordering, helping you to save even more. Begin with a Print Audit and discover where unnecessary printing takes place in your office, from departmental overviews down to individual users.
  • Recycled Products: Recycled products help businesses to save on supplies and do their part to help the environment. From inks/toners to recycled paper products, you can get the same high quality you are used to from your document production, save money and go green all with a few simple changes.

To learn more about how you can optimize the printing in your office and begin saving, please contact us today!