Three Critical Reasons to Upgrade Your Office Equipment

Chicago office equipment

While temperamental copiers have long been a dependable source for a good joke or two, there's nothing funny about it when your office equipment causes you to miss a major deadline. Keeping outdated office equipment in production may seem like a good way to keep expenses in line, but like many such situations, eventually repair costs and downtimes outstrip the cost of replacement.

Is It Time to Make a Change?

If you're not sure whether now is a good time to purchase new office equipment, here are a few key considerations that may help you make the right decision.

1. Have you noticed a decrease in productivity?

The latest advances in office equipment provide robust solutions to boost productivity across your Chicago organization. From scanning solutions that digitize paper documents and streamline workflows to plenty of power and speed to handle your most demanding print jobs, there's an office equipment technology that meets your requirements.

2. Are you spending too much to print documents?

Many business owners are shocked to discover printing costs that represent nearly 3% of their annual revenues. The latest printer technologies include built-in paper and toner-saving capabilities to reduce unnecessary waste. Also, most include Energy Star certifications and power-saving modes to reduce your Chicago organization's electric bills as well as your environmental impact.

3. Are you making the right first impression?

Poorly printed documents can make your Chicago company appear unprofessional. Putting your best foot forward is a lot easier with office equipment that's up to the task. Print high-impact color brochures, mailings, and other customer-facing materials to make a good first impression.

While there are a host of benefits associated with the latest advances in office equipment technology, we've barely scratched the surface. To discover even more advantages, contact our expert staff at Proven Business Systems today!

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